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Specific reasons for seeking systemic coaching there might be as many a sparkling stars in the sky. It could be the vague feeling for reflection on a certain topic, or the urge to finding the right key (decision) for unlocking a solution in a challenging situation itself. My way of coaching, however, is certainly not me delivering you my solutions, it is open-minded support to help yourself activating your own vital resources. So that ideally you can get clear on your best-match solutions at a certain stage for yourself. We will work on self-clarity, not solutions. The key to the door of autonomous decision making is the mastery of conscious reflection.

Yet sustainable change does not happen over night. For no one. All substantial development, especially in our personalities, is a step by step process of gained awareness & mental practice, and with it comes the openness of being able to take a broader perspective on situations, people, environments. To empower us to consciously act instead of unconsciously react, while we no longer give in that others decide for us when we should probably better stand up for ourselves – respect our fundamental needs. It thus takes certain time, effort & self-patience to see, sense, grasp what in a drained state of despair, frustration or stress may  be overseen – or most likely blocked.

This will be your very personal coaching process, so you will at all times decide how deep or far or fast you want to go.

From single challenge conflict coaching to a longer phase of profound personality, or spiritual self-awareness development, I am offering several systemic coaching approaches for HSPs to choose from. For all of my services apply the essential principles: → Our collaboration is based on all-respect, all-worship and all-openness. You can further decide if English, Spanish, or German is spoken.

In a very first step a free Zoom call of 30 minutes maximum will give us both the opportunity to see if it personally matches. Speaking “face-to-face”, we can then decide which frequency is the most suitable one tailored to your necessities. When you decide, we can start. I will practically assist you by trust, systemic methodology & structure to master the following process into clarity for yourself:


What is your actual request or problem? What is the situation about and which aspects are relevant to be more thoroughly observed? How does this influence you or others? What is it that should change – and why? All these and more questions we will reflect on in the initial part. From there we will also outline a coaching objective in order to stay focused along the way.

Eagle View

Are all relevant aspects tangible? Let’s paint the bigger picture and observe it. In this phase we will work by using systemic methods & tools on a more detailed zoom view into the holistic scenery – tangibly as well as intangibly. As for example we will look at the underlying dynamics so a clearer perspective for a better view can be achieved. Or detect invisible blocks gently, so I will enable you to face the psychological root of the problem/ request itself on more conscious level. Unseen options and possibilities may already appear from here.

Focused Decision

In this part your insights shall become anchored and integrated. A more conscious decision can be more easily taken, or you may get much clearer on it. By changing various perspectives different solution picture scenarios towards the most acceptable & sustainable conditions for you can be rehearsed and trained. A decision-making test run in a safe environment so to say.

Sustain it!

This important conclusion phase serves as a retrospective summary of what has been worked on. We will look at your process in total spotting the progress in aspects of becoming aware and lessons learned. What led to the situation if you look at it now - with the things you know now? It essentially serves for well anchoring the gained insights on yourself and others, so you can in the future be very clear and remain in full acting power in similar situations. By taking a more self-conscious perspective on yourself and others that empowers you to strengthen your own core resources of resilience, integrity and personal freedom for solid decision making.

The Why

Sometimes we face a time of intense challenge or sometimes we want to figure out what could be our very unique sweet spot. Life is not rigid so aren’t we. A momentarily missing clarity on a personal “Why” in major aspects of life like relationships, job, or any personal frame is mostly the best reason to seek out mentoring for clarity. If a clear “Why” or “Yes” is missing or you just have a strong feeling of inner unrest, nervousness, even a lack of drive – with or without an ‘explicable’ reason – most probably the “old” solution strategies have not worked for you and need adaption. A good time to step back into a safe space & sensefully reflect by mentoring support on the question: “What is my very unique ‘Why’?” In fact, becoming aware of this is what already makes you get up with a smiling face (almost) each morning.

The What

If things personally match, we will start with a virtual first freebie half an hour get-to-know session to start focussing on the “What”. Sometimes from here it needs a more in-depth observation of all influencing factors in your life to be able to formulate a clearer goal that you want to achieve. This is the “hot” phase where we will take sufficient time to unshell and shed light on innate dysfunctional beliefs that may stand in your way and no longer fit. Quite often there is a “No” belief or feeling standing in front of the “What” – yelling quite loud. We will speak and visualize your own personal box (of belief systems), and why it may or may not fit any longer. Let’s take a first look outside the box and see how that may feel for a small theoretic excursion. From here step by step by realizing what hinders you. A clearer “What” and its “How” will come up automatically and then authentically. By seeing clearly all options, an aware decision becomes now tangible.

The When

If outside Germany, we will meet up online weekly, bi-weekly or mothly. A regular sequence, e.g. same day same time will make things easier for us, so we will align in the starter sessions on which slot may suit us best. Please make sure you keep our appointments as I will reserve my time for you.
If you live in the wider region of Lübeck, Hamburg or Schleswig Holstein, let’s have face-to-face meetings at our beautiful office, located at Jürgen-Wullenwever-Str. 5 in Lübeck.

The How

We usually will meet online for coaching sessions of 90 minutes. Since we work together in a virtual online space, please make sure you have the opportunity to speak from a private place without outside noise or disturbances and a stable internet connection for that time. In between sessions we will align on homework like intuitive writings on specific topics, tailored exercises, or written self-reflection. This will help to let session details integrate what we have worked on the session before. In between check-in chats via messenger can back-up the process and is an option you can choose from. I will roughly sum up our sessions for your later review or share flip chart drawings online in a secured dropbox folder that is only accessible by us two. This way you can review your weekly process or any session’s outcome flexibly.

Energy balance

Let’s also take a moment for a snapshot of your personal energy household. What are the “gains” what the “pains”? Are you aware of them? If musts prevail, how much energy do you have left for the things that fill you up? Is there enough time and space to freely create a healthy balance between rest and obligation? As systemically each area impacts all others, where is possibly focus and attention missing? From this umbrella view perspective fouled aspects already may appear. That is why it is one of the major aspects we will thoroughly reflect on. By the way, here at Bulb Your Mind the only thing that counts is: How you personally feel about it!

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* Terms of Service


Online Coaching (wordwide): One first non-binding ‘Freebie’ session (max. 30 minutes call) comes at no charge, for requests please fill my → Contact Request form. My standard hourly rate for online Coaching services is 90€/h and will be subject to 3 days upfront session pre-payment via Paypal. I also have packages to offer, so you can choose to upgrade to a certain package at any time. Ask me if you are interested. For clients outside the US or EU special package rates can be agreed. Let’s talk about it!

German Local Coaching & Consulting: For Coaching my standard hourly rate is 120€/h, for Business Consultancy on average 200€/h. For personal coaching or company project assignments please drop me a short note outlining your subject by → Contact Request. Company orders for systemic consultancy will be always be subject to hourly time and material charging.


Online Coaching (wordwide): Payment will be monthly pre-payment via Paypal, due before the first coaching session is held via Skype. I will cover paypal transfer costs. If from client side 2 sessions for no disclosed reason or without early advice will remain unattended there will be no refund on the monthly paid package price.

Germany Local Coaching & Consulting: Prices exclude 19% German VAT, which will be added for locally rendered services in Germany. Depending on the requested services’ frequency per month the payment will be invoiced either session based or monthly. Payment falls due upon invoicing. I keep myself free to accept a maximum of 15 days payment for any business project consultancy.