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Nadia Aragon

Soulful Leadership Coach
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I am Nadia: Soulful Leadership Coach & spiritual being by essence.

“TIME-OUT! Turn right – now!” … that is what happened to me in the midst of life’s superhighway. At the top of the game: prospering career, ultimate financial security, reliable social network, good health, travelling, all went swimmingly perfect; I had thought. Then, no warning at all, from close to scratch: Burn-out. The soul had went on general strike. Back then for me it was trepidation to the abyssal marrow. Today, years later, I can just grin at it in gratitude.

It was the start of an exceptionally pulsating journey to my inner being’s sensitive kernel and in fact a re-learning of its gentle handling. At the same time it made me become aware that I AM outside-the-box, feel and perceive differently, that an outside-the-box-ness exists and doubtlessly is rather gift than burden. The only logic consequence in this process was to realize a consistent focus change:
Fuse here on Bulb Your Mind my ragtag quota of life along with work experience, spiced by very personal passion, to become a mentoring concept and free thought safe space for others.

This space culminates two things that are nearest to my heart:
One to express my love for language and spirited philosophy by writing this blog. The other to professionally support other highly sensitive persons (→ HSP), apt in percipience, to walk their highly individual way of growth in a self-aware lion-hearted fashion of their own pace. → Your HSP Coaching.

Crossing any-size rubicon is a question of clear perspective: → Let’s bulb it!

All life is natural change. Wanting to artificially control or construe it is of no substantial relevance. Even the smallest experience is change. At the same time every healthy change always and ever starts within us. And at times it may first be a clarifying detour to our own unique kernel.

My kernel once was buried under an invisibly thick layer of socially normed expectation. A long time I had not even noticed how intensely I had identified with this well accepted box fitting pressure. The compulsory break for me was the chance to make a step back in rest, and start observing again the bigger picture of it all. And with it slowly but steadily I was able to connect again to that inner core – “lost and forgotten” beneath that heavy, encrusted layer of externally absorbed, dysfunctional beliefs. A healing disentanglement from within. Yet certainly an intense and sometimes challenging road of self-reflection to CONSCIOUSly penetrate these foggy layers of “identity” which had held my vitality at a disgustingly moderate temperature.

Suddenly I recognised: had my fire been this insatiable hunger for vital experiences, thus a steady world view enrichment via learning in highly reflective contact with my (com)passionate inner core. It was this inner voice that gently encouraged me to face challenges no matter how complex with pure enthusiastic impetus, and then mostly also success. Both, professionally and privately. All that sparked by a naturally intrinsic motivational strength and my profound desideratum to openly share with others a rich bucket of PERSPECTIVE and experience, creating here a space for acknowledgement, respect and relevant targeting. Space for you. By taking the role of an impulse sensor, it is this motivational sharing that simply brings me joy. And this vital joy I would like to see shining again more in others. Whatever beauty may be that individually accrues from it…

15-20% of the overall population consist of sensitive to highly sensitive beings. 
Neuro-science does recognise it. Simon Sinek calls them “visionary lefties”. Consequently, there are not only a few among us with innate intuitively-sensitive, emotional and cognitive scanning antennas. A reason to exclaim in delight – one may think. Looking around, however, the most common reactions to it are: “Way too weak, anxious, complicated, invisible, odd” etc. to the point of sheepish silence. In fact, way too many unreflected bias still – I think. Yet a constant negative peripheral bio-feedback loop – often from childhood on. However, as I discovered, the free development of a healthy self-perception and personal talents can prosper still in every phase of life.

Imagine a world where human visionary perception talent of every shape, age and form would be acknowledged, worshipped, and held in high regard? Thus, empower those to pro-actively co-create a culture that finally INSPIRES us to think in OPPORTUNITIES. For not any longer mentally adhere in claustrophobic boxes of standard identity – filled with angst. In these fast times of technological and social change, it does require the strong voices of those gifted with far-sightedness and a sharp eye – but in particular those of the sensory lateral networkers.

By experience I am aware, even the smallest change initiates inside the individual. Inside you and me. My offer is fired by the realisation that there is a form of innate giftedness in everyone, which can purposefully be trained with certain reflection techniques, and a little bit of patience.

Soulful. Empathetic. Meaningful.



Deep down inside of me something had long felt like a missing fit. A vague, yet unexplainable sensation of somehow operating from a different cognitive and emotional mindset. Does a ‘different’ exist in this respect? As I allowed my perspective to naturally change comprehension focus, that “glorious” answer slowly emerged …

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