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The Power of 'No' - a resilience guide for sensitives

The Power Of ‘No’

A resilience guide for sensitives. Especially for those with big open hearts it sometimes seems so hard to find clarity in saying ‘No’ to inadequate things. Things that just do not feel ‘right’. In the following article, let me twitter a love song on the beauty of strenghtening personal integrity, based on personal experience....

Exploring HSP Identity on article Knock knock - Who's it?

Knock Knock – Who’s It?

OPENER: A sensitive mind's odyssey. Deep, deep down inside something had long felt like a missing fit. A vague, yet unexplainable sensation of somehow operating from a different cognitive and emotional mindset. Does 'different' exist in this respect? As I allowed my perspective to naturally change comprehension focus, that “glorious” answer slowly emerged …...